Day 5: Doubt when everyone else believes


John 20:24-29


Seeing is believing. At least that is what we have conditioned ourselves to think. Thomas gets a lot of grief for his doubt in the testimony of others who had seen, heard, and experienced the resurrected Jesus. But, which of us wouldn't say the same thing?

Not long before this, in John 11:5-16, Thomas shows his willingness to follow Jesus towards potential death (the Jews wanting to murder Jesus) as well as actual death (Lazarus having died). Thomas, in essence, was saying to his fellow disciples, "We should be willing to follow Jesus anywhere and everywhere."

How could Thomas have gone from being so sure in following Jesus to doubting Jesus' resurrection without actual proof? The answer probably lies in his circumstances. He has seen Jesus arrested, beaten, killed, and buried. His faith has been shaken because of his recent circumstances. And when he finally does see Jesus, Jesus shares a truth with him that is important for us to learn as well: Blessed are those who have not seen Jesus and yet have believed.

Take some time and answer the following questions:

How difficult is it for you to believe in something without seeing it for yourself? Why do you think that is?

Which is more believable for you: hearing someone's testimony or being an eye witness yourself? Why?

Do you let your circumstances determine your faith in Jesus? Why or why not?

How can you let Jesus' words (Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed) become a truth you base your faith in Him around?

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