Day 4: Sold Out


Matthew 26:14-16Luke 22:1-6

Judas was one of Jesus' twelve closest disciples. He spent time with Jesus, followed him, witnessed his miracles, and was part of his ministry. After three years of devotion to Jesus, Judas suddenly decided to betray his teacher and friend. But why?

The Bible tells us that Judas was paid by the chief priests, but other than that, it doesn’t give us many details about Judas or why he chose to betray Jesus. One thing is clear, though—he wasn’t fully sold out for Christ. He allowed other things to come between him and Jesus. Judas’s heart wasn’t completely given to God, so there was room for Satan to get in and tempt him away. You’d think that somebody who spent so much time with Jesus wouldn’t betray him, but that’s exactly what happened. And if it can happen to Judas, it can happen to us. We all have things that come between us and Christ. While we may not literally betray Jesus like Judas did, if we’re not careful, our sin can destroy our devotion to God and lead us away from him.

Take some time and answer the following questions:

Think of a time you felt betrayed or let down by someone you trusted. Why was it hurtful?

Have you ever betrayed someone (knowingly or accidentally)?

Why is betrayal such a big deal?

What comes between you and Jesus?

How can you wholeheartedly follow Christ the King?

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