What's important to us

If we needed to boil down what is most important to us to just a short list, it would probably go a little like this:

1. We love God, what He does, and who He does it for.

2. We love people, God's crowning jewel of creation.

3. We want to be a part of God and people reuniting when they were previously divided.

Because we feel that way, what we do at Beechwold focuses on those things. We strive to better understand the heart of God and how He works. We commit to caring for one another and providing for one another's needs. We walk alongside one another in growing deeper in community with each other and with God.

What does that Mean for You?

You can expect to be welcomed and treated like a valuable person.

You can expect people who want to connect with you.

You can expect to hear God's Word purely presented.

You can expect to hear how God's Word is relevant.

Check Out a Sample of our teaching

This message is from our Friends series and will hopefully give you a pretty good idea of what hearing Dave at Beechwold is like.