Our core values

1. Truth - Life in Christ produces fulfillment and purpose

2. Hope - God transforms us to share the heart of Christ

3. Love - All people matter to God and to us

4. Action - Engage and impact one life at a time

Seven Priorities of BCC

  1. Church - The Church, the CALLED OUT ONES, is to assemble in the presence of her King, Jesus; in order to worship and be equipped, so every member can be obedient to go into their neighborhood as Christ's SALT and LIGHT.
  2. Evangelism - Every member is responsible to live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) through a transformed life; through daily interactions with their personal network sharing the good news of Jesus.
  3. Discipleship - Once baptized into Christ, every member is called to be TRANSFORMED into Christ-likeness through the modeling and instruction of godly leaders so that more disciples may be produced.
  4. Leadership - Jesus modeled servant-leadership throughout his earthly ministry and death on the cross. We will follow Christ's example by serving and calling others to follow him with integrity, truth, and love.
  5. Transforming Communities - The church will go into the neighborhood with compassionate ministry that presents healing, teaching, and hope. This will take place through individual ministry and church wide initiatives.
  6. Engage the Hurting - The church will engage the hurting, both believers and seekers with respect, generosity, and without partiality. Being the hands, feet, ears, and voice of Christ, the church will extend God's healing grace and truth to those with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.
  7. Commitment - The church will love the Lord with all HER heart, soul, mind, and strength, through holy living, Christ-honoring relationships, and by utilizing our time, talent, and treasure to advance Christ's Kingdom.