What is it?

Our middle school and high school students meet weekly. One week in person and the next week online at 3pm. Scroll down to find out what you can expect from each gathering.

Since we are meeting indoors for Winter, we have updated our COVID Safety Plan which you can see here: 


What to expect from our weekly gatherings


This pretty important to us around here. We play a lot of games!


Groups to talk about life, God, the Bible, or whatever else comes up. 


Conversations about God's word and how we can apply it to our lives. 


We hope this gathering will be a tool for students to fearlessly share hope with the world. Here you will find tools, a support system, and place where you can invite your friends to experience the good news of Jesus.

This Week's Gathering

May 16

We'll be in person this Sunday! 3pm at the Church building. 

May 23

This is our last gathering for the school year and it will be in-person! You can click here to find out what we're doing this Summer.