Parent Resources

  • Band

    an online community (similar to a facebook group) just for student ministry parents! Receive updates, resources, post questions, comments, and chat with other parents. 

  • Fuller Youth institute

    Fuller Youth Institute provides resources for both parents and church leaders that are based heavily in research. They have multiple podcasts, several GREAT books (Sticky Faith, to name one of their best), and articles. 

  • Family Teams

    Family Teams is a place to find resources, courses, community, live events, and more to equip you as you say yes to God’s design of building a family team on mission! Check out their book "Family Revision" and any of their podcasts!

  • Axis

    Axis connects parents & teens to Jesus in a disconnected world. You can subscribe for free to their Culture Translator which are emails that keep parents connected with teen culture. You can also purchase their parents guides which tackle individual issues with a biblical perspective. (if there's one in particular you're looking for, reach out to Will- he might have it!)