Easter at Beechwold

Join us here and on our Facebook page on April 12th at 9:30 AM as we worship together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Below are many different resources for you and your family leading up to that day.

Holy Week Devotions

During the week leading up to Easter, from Palm Sunday forward, we have prepared opportunities for you to study God's Word and Jesus' final actions. Jesus did so many of these things with purpose and intent. We invite you to grab your journal, click the corresponding links below, and meditate on Jesus' actions and their significance in His mission and ultimately our salvation.

  • Day 1: Palm Sunday

  • Day 2: The Cursing of the Fig Tree

  • Day 3: The Greatest Commandment

  • Day 4: Judas' Conspiracy

  • Day 5: The Passover Meal

  • Day 6: Jesus' Sacrifice

instructions for The Passover Experience in your own house CLICK BELOW


Some of the special media used during our Online Easter Celebration Service.